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About Us

“Look Sharp, Work Hard, and Save the Planet”

Quite a Superhero gig right! So this is what we do, hope you like it



At METANO LIFE we believe fashion is not luxury, it’s essential. When it comes to your workwear, the stakes are even higher. With that moto, we embarked on a journey to make people look awesome in their work attire. No more staring at the usual and boring stuff while getting ready for work, we are driven to set you up for a more practical & inspired professional wardrobe.


For that to happen, we think hard on the following things during our ideation and production process:


1)    Design: The Look, the Cut, and the Fit, everything has to be top notch. Hence we do 3D mock-ups to get that look right. For styling inspiration we use the minimalist and Art Deco art forms.


2)    Fabric: We will travel to Mars, if required, to procure the best of the fabrics for our product. We only use luxury & the finest materials for production, no cutting corners and no gimmickry.


3)    Sustainability: Our usual hustle is loaded with love and a sense of purpose. We love what we do and are equally committed to make a positive impact in preserving our environment; and ensure our customers are part of this movement as well.


Our Daily Drill:


We constantly do research by talking directly to people, industrial and fashion designers, and manufacturers. Then we sketch, create prototype, seek feedback, fail, and repeat the grind until we get it right. All these to ensure you get the best of the best.


Though we learned how to make the finest fashion, we are still learning how to do business. So looking forward to your feedback and love. CHEERS.